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24 Hour Train-A-Thon
Kingston Honbu Dojo

Me doing the course..... lol!

Shihan doing the obstacle course (yes you are aloud to giggle)

Now here's a face we haven't seen in a while.

Some of the boys.

"Darling I love you, so please, please smile" :D

Well, it worked on Sensei Dan, I guess his "Poker face" needs work.

Chantelle doesn't seem to have a poker face either.

This was taken VERY late at night (which might explain the look of imminent death in my eyes)

Big screen Guitar Hero!!

AND big screen Kareoke!

Ben in the high kicking cometition, this was over 9 ft.

Sempai Ryan.


hahaha, morning after.

Yes, we are as exhausted as we look.

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