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S.M.A. Karate (formerly known as Shotokan Martial Arts) was established in 1998 by Shihan Robert Patry. The school has always had strong values in preserving traditional martial arts and creating strong students.
S.M.A. Karate is affiliated with many legitimate martial arts organizations which allow unique training opportunities for the students.

Meet the Owners
Shihan Robert Patry
Shihan Patry was born and raised in Kingston Ontario, he began his martial arts training at the age of 10 years old. Over the years Shihan Patry has studied many different styles including a trip to Japan where he studied Goju-Ryu.

Shihan Patry's Awards & Achievements

  • 5th Degree black belt in Shotokan-Ryu Karate
  • Renshi teachers title through World Kobudo Federation
  • 4th Degree black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate
  • Jokyo teachers title through Seiwa Kai Canada
  • 2nd Degree in Northern Style Shaolin
  • Trained up to 1st degree in two different styles in ju-jitsu
  • Various weapons training
  • Grading board member for World Kobudo Federation
  • Co - Chair Technical/ Training commitee (Ontario) for Seiwa Kai Canada
  • Total of 23 gold and first place trophies medals from various regional, national and world competitions
  • Head instructor of the 2006 World Kobudo Federation World Karate Champion, and the 2009 National Karate Champions from Kingston
  • Shidoin Michelle Patry
    Shidoin Patry also originates from Kingston and has been training for 7 years. She began training in Thai Kickboxing and eventually transfered to Shotokan-Ryu and Goju-Ryu and has been training in those styles ever since.

    Shidoin Patrys Awards & Achievements

  • 3rd Degree black belt in Goju-Ryu Karate
  • 2nd Degree black belt in Shotokan-Ryu Karate
  • Shidoin title from Seiwa Kai Canada
  • Certified Personal Training Specialist from Can-Fit-Pro
  • 1st Place Gold Kata & Kumite in women's black belt division at World Kobudo World Championship Tournament
  • "World Kobudo Federation is a non-political martial arts organization available to all disciplines and styles, for large and small dojos. Its primary purpose is to unite martial artists under one umbrella to raise the standards, quality and brotherhood for the overall advancement of Budo."

    "Seiwa Kai Canada members are proud in their study of Goju Ryu. We share a culture of solidarity, building mutual support for one another. With fortitude and plain spirit we strive to reach our personal best, maintaining the spirit of Traditional Japanese Budo. All Seiwakai dojos are independantly run organizations. This includes sole proprietorships, not-for profit dojos, and municipal recreation dojos."