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Pro-Fit 2 Month Body Makeover

Welcome to the Pro-Fit 2 Month Body Makeover website. If you're here it means you are looking for a change, you've come to the right place. This program is designed to give you a kick start into your new healthy lifestyle, through nutrition planning and exercise you will learn the tools to keep yourself in the shape you've always desired to have.

What is the Pro-Fit Makeover?

This program uses intensive physical training and menu planning for 2 months to help you achieve your weightloss goals. Rather than tell you what to do or how to eat, this program teaches you the reasoning behind the rules to allow you to make your own choice. The Pro-Fit 2 Month Makeover is hosted by S.M.A. Karate and was created by owner Michelle Mullins.

"I developed this program when I was about to be married, I wanted to look great in my dress and had limited time so I made myself a plan. I realized how many other people must be in this situation and I doubted that they had the Martial Arts training that I did to help them."

Using boot camp style martial arts workouts along with following simple eating guidelines you’ll get the tools to keep yourself healthy and looking great!

Start getting the body you want NOW

When you sign up for this program you recieve:
  • 1 Private Session per Week
  • Access to All Programs
  • Nutrition Guideline
  • Complimentary Uniform
  • 2 Weekly Group Classes
  • Personal Progress Log
  • Weekly Weigh In
  • For the session beginning on Feb. 2nd 2008 we will only be accepting the first 25 people

    Call: 613 389-8774 for details or to book your space