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Levis Quebec Continued

Sensei(s) Justin, Daniel, Mikaela, Katrina and Peter

The Team, Shihan and I

Our team with their main opponents the "Shoalin" team.

Team SMACK raise their cups with Shihan Earl Barber.... who has his own cup!

Sensei Katrina and Sensei Phil

The team with Kyoshi Alain Sailly, Hanshi John Therien and Shihan Robert Patry.

The stage for the WKF show, which was great as usual!

Hanshi Therien

The boys were the opening act and they NAILED it, great job!

This was a Therien Jiu-Jitsu team, they were excellent

Sensei Phil receiving his Shodan certificate

Sensei Marwan receiving his Nidan certificate

Me getting my Sandan certificate :)

Shihan Patry (center back), Sensei Marwan(left), Sensei Phil(center) and Myself (left) with our certificates.

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