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Canadian National Karate Championships in Calgary Alberta
July 2009
Thanks to Cathy Holsgrove for providing these pictures

Sensei Katrina preparing for Kumite

I believe this is the girls junior kumite team for Ontario

Sensei Katrina's match.

The Ontario junior boys Team Kata representatives

SMA Karate and Seiwa Kai Canada's competitors
From left to right: Alan McAllum (SMA Karate), Josh David (Seiwa Kai Ingersoll), Daniel Birt (SMA Karate),
Rebecca Gagnon (Seiwa Kai Hamilton), Katrina Holsgrove-Martin (SMA Karate) and Amanda Guthrie (Seiwa Kai Ingersoll)

A Canadian National Championship medal

Sensei Daniel with his National Medal

Sensei Katrina with her biggest fan :)

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