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Our Services

Individual training
With our individual training sessions each client receives one on one training with a completely personalized program created to fit their needs. Trainers work closely with their client to ensure they are getting the best results possible. Because every program is individualized we are able to work with any exercise level from beginner to athlete.
This is an excellent option for people with busy schedules as sessions may be scheduled on an individual basis.

Group training
Our group training sessions are an excellent option for those just beginning exercise to have their support system with them. Our group training sessions are created to fit the needs of the group. These sessions can have anywhere from 2-10 people. The programs made for groups often involves a broad spectrum of cardio and strength training to ensure all members receive adequate training.

Personal Training Rates

Individual Rates:
-1 Hr sessions

1 Session = $70
5 Sessions= $60 each
10 Sessions= $55 each
20 Sessions= $50 each

Group Rates:
-1 Hr sessions

1 Session = $50 each person each session
5 Sessions= $40 each person each session
10 Sessions= $35 each person each session
20 Sessions= $30 each person each session

All packages of multiple training sessions must be paid in full prior to beginning your training. No refunds will be given out after the first training session is complete. All cancelations must be received 24 hours before the session begins or session will be used as scheduled.
Pre-purchased sessions do not expire and are completely transferable.