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Kyoshi Alain Sailly's visit to Kingston
Kingston, ON January 2010

A typical seminar with Kyoshi Sailly, of course it has to involve some sort of crazy shinanigans!

Now this looks like tons of fun

Sempai Ry and Josh doing their Jiu Jitsu sets

What Jiu Jistu set is complete without a human pretzle?

Our kids class seminar

Kyoshi Sailly with Sensei Katrina doing some fun, if very hard, warm up exercises

Sensei Mikaela giggling as always :)

I promise you, this was not as easy as it looked!

Neither was this!

Sensei Mel from Perth showing off her pipes... (where does she hide them?!)

Sensei Stan Chisolm from Odessa with his student

Sensei Dan and Sempai Phil doing.... something....

Apparently Shihan Patry chose to take this picture because he
found our messy hair hilarious

The adults group

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