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Toronto Open June 8th 2008

Congratulations to all 14 competitors and all 7 medal winner. Our competitive team entered along with teams from all around the world including Croatia, Turkey, and Slovakia including some national, and world champions!
Featuring a team match between Europe and Ontario, I'm sure everyone had a great time!

Tammy proudly shows off her gold medal in kata and her gold medal in kumite, great job Tammy!

From left to right, Sempai Katrina with her 2nd place Kata medal, Tammy with her dual gold, Sempai Jen with her 3rd place Kata medal, and in front Sempai Daniel with his 3rd place Kata.

Ethan with his 3rd place Kata and 3rd place Kumite medals, congratulations Ethan!

Braiden in his first kumite match!