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Simply Yoga

New to our dojo this fall is a class called Simply Yoga, run by Joanne Kusters. This mellow class would be an excellent addition to any physical training program.
Classes will run Monday and Wednesday nights from 5:15pm-6:30pm.

Meet and Greet with Joanne
Joanne will be doing a meet and greet session at our dojo on September 18th from

About Joanne

I was first introduced to Yoga as a class at the local gym. I had always been physically active, but when I began to experience aches and pains, from the toll all the physical activity had taken on my muscles and joints, I searched for an actual yoga studio and found my way to Samatva. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my yoga journey. Through my great educators over the years with their teachings of philosophy and postures, I have found inner peace and calmness in my mind and body. My journey has taught me to follow my heart, and see where life takes me.

I practiced yoga for about 6 years before I decided to take my teacher training here in Kingston. I wasn’t quit sure if I wanted to teach, or if I could teach. Now I look back and it was one of the best decisions, I have ever made. I am very happy for the opportunity to share with others, what yoga has given me. Now I realize that my purpose is to be an educator and to help others find their own inner peace through their own journey of yoga.

Since I began my teacher training, I have explored various styles of yoga, and one style that has peaked my interest, is Anusara Yoga and Yoga therapy Training. I am currently finishing my Anusara Yoga Immersion, and will be practicing with John Friend, Todd Norian and Ann Greene, and attending a yoga therapy training with Martin Kirk, along with workshops with Douglas Brooks. I hope to bring my interest in Anusara’s principles of alignment into my classes, and be able to help others follow their own journey into yoga.